2 Tough and Crazy people SKIFFLE through their last night apart. He knows what skiffling is. She ain’t sure but figures its something to do with Music – Words and Magic. She does know that SKIFFLING Makes you feel better.




Rock and roll. Rock ‘n’ roll. Rock. A more commercial form of skiffle generally using contrived themes instead of folk-music and with the emphasis on the rhythm or beat, which is magnified to frantic proportions. It does not employ the jazz inflection so completely as rhythm and blues and skiffle, but rather a number of tricks and affectations which emphasise the crude rhythms. The effect is also generally emphasised by suggestive body movements. … It would seem to have the characteristics of a temporary craze rather than the more lasting folk element of skiffle. • A Guide to Popular Music, 1960. Skiffle was a form of music that flourished in Britain for about three years from 1955.

from “The Lizard:”

The behavioral pattern of the lizard has inspired various beliefs, myths and legends associated with the Sun. In Egypt, it is said that in spring the lizards will climb an eastward facing wall and look to the east. When the Sun rises, the lizard’s sight and the sight of some blinded person, will is returned. Lizards have been associated with extreme heat in the Near East and in Australia, the aboriginal believed that the sky would fall if you killed one.

In ancient Egypt and Greek symbolism the lizard represented divine wisdom and good fortune. This was especially true of the reverence for Serapes and Hermes. In Roman mythology, lizards supposedly sleep through the winter and so symbolize both death and resurrection. Early Christianity associated the lizard with the devil and with evil. While on the Pacific islands of Polynesia and Maoris lizards are revered as a “heaven god.”

Britain was in the grip of skiffle fever, popularised by a Scottish jazzman with a banjo. Bands were sprouting in tribute to Lonnie Donegan. “Skiffle was very simple, amateurish music. You could learn one or two chords and somebody could beat out some sort of rhythm on a tea-chest bass, and you had a band,” says Hanton, 66.

It was an easy sound to imitate, spawning hundreds of new groups. The new sound was derided by the successful acts of the day. “Properly trained musicians never had a good word to say about skiffle,” recalls Rod Davis, who played banjo in Lennon’s original band. “Their view was that real musicians were being put out of work by fellows who couldn’t read music.”

There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.” -Janet Kilburn Phillips

smokinskull2_e0.gif Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight? by Lonnie Donegan & His Skiffle Group

3 November 2002
Death of Lonnie Donegan, Glasgow-born ‘King of Skiffle’. His recording of ‘Rock Island Line’ proved a hit in both the USA and UK and between 1956-1962 he achieved 26 Top Ten Hits.


(English Translation)

Here comes the water
Down the slope,
And my skull
Is getting wet.

Death, a skeleton,
Neither fat, nor skinny.
A homemade skeleton,
Stuck together with wax.*

*This probably refers to the skulls and skeletons that are made to decorate the altars for the dead.


Dirty Old Town: The Ian Campbell Folk Group

The Ian Campbell Folk group was one of the most significant groups to come out of the British folk explosion of the 60’s.

Ian Campbell formed the Clarion Skiffle Group in the mid 1950s along with his sister Lorna who was also the singer.


Man, the imperial shape, then multiplied
His generations under the pavilion
Of the Sun�s throne: palace and pyramid,
Temple and prison, to many a swarming million
Were, as to mountain-wolves their ragged caves.
This human living multitude
Was savage, cunning, blind, and rude,
For thou wert not; but o�er the populous solitude,
Like one fierce cloud over a waste of waves,
Hung Tyranny; beneath, sate deified
The sister-pest, congregator of slaves;
Into the shadow of her pinions wide
Anarchs and priests, who feed on gold and blood
Till with the stain their inmost souls are dyed,
Drove the astonished herds of men from every side.

She see the Moon outside coming into Full for Easter. The earliest Easter since early last century. HE is coming home tomorrow for some serious SKIFFLING all through EASTER.
The veteran British bluesman Long John Baldry - who's lived in Canada for
almost two decades - will release his most unusual record for Stony Plain
to date in October.
	Remembering Leadbelly is a tribute to the legendary balladeer,
songwriter, 12-string guitarist, and blues singer - a "hard man" who was
twice jailed for murder, and whose remarkable recordings for the
Smithsonian, produced by Alan Lomax, in large part inspired the early
British folk, blues and skiffle scenes that changed the direction of
British pop music so drastically in the '50s and '60s.



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