2 Tough and Crazy people get together and consider life through the Oracle of the Animated Gif. They contemplate the Farewell to AUSTLIT and Uinversity of Queensland, to Brisbane and Auchenshuggle. They fare well to Milton Road and high fortnighly pay. They say Goodbye to – well what are they saying goodbye to ? The First Year. The Second Year. Farewell Wordsmiths and 1. Fare thee wekk cheap public transport with pension concessions. Farewell. Adieu.


“When the bold branches
Bid farewell to rainbow leaves –
Welcome wool sweaters.”
– B. Cybrill


Through frosted windows glow the hearth’s warm light,
As fading day casts shadows ‘cross the lawn,
And grey meets grey as winter gathers might,
Undaunted as the chimney starts to yawn.
Farewell brave day as twilight draweth nigh.
Perchance on morrow sun will gather high.
The End of a Winter Day by Dan Young


Farewell, my sister, fare thee well.
The elements be kind to thee, and make
Thy spirits all of comfort: fare thee well.
~William Shakespeare


Farewell, thy destiny is done,
Thy ebbing sands we tell,
Blended and set with centuries gone –
Thou dying year, farewell.

Gifts from thy hand – Spring’s joyous leaves,
And Summer’s breathing flowers,
Autumn’s bright fruit and bursting sheaves –
These blessings have been ours.

They pass with thee and now they seem
Like gifts from fairy spells
Or like some sweet remembered dream –
We bid those gifts farewell.

– Mrs. Jones, Thou Dying Year, Farewell
Montreal Vindicator, January 6, 1829




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