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2 Tough and Crazy people get together and consider life through the Oracle of the Animated Gif. They contemplate DOGS. There are dogs about now. Lizzy has always rather liked DOGS. Still rather likes them but SHE also likes the timid and gentle creatures of the Cottage. Now there is a large and bounding dog across the paddock. Ah well. Perhaps he will keep the snakes away from the door. THEY left Odin the Staffy down in Urunga with Brad. The Mad O’Brians have a little dog called Charley who has one gammy leg but is as good as any 4 leg and Kati B wants a dog for her 30th birthday but Lizzy cannot recollect which breed it is that she wants.

Heaven goes by favour. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.
– Mark Twain


 During ancient times in Japan when the townspeople wanted rain, they would shoot an arrow at a black dog, and if they wanted fine weather they would shoot an arrow at a white dog.
If they wanted just a spot of rain, with fine weather included, they would shoot at a black and white dog.baby2


In Horace, ‘the black dog follows you and hangs/close on your skirts with hungry fangs


DESIGNER dog disasters are flooding animal shelters, dumped because of deformities, disease, and overshot jaws.
The fad varieties, which include cross-breeds such as Labradoodles, Cavoodles and Pugaliers, are too often being bred with genetic faults, experts say


Dogs and politicians bark until fed or elected.



I have resolved to be more like the dog!
(Remember, it’s about the bones)




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